Submission Guidelines



Eligibility: Anyone who identifies as an artist is eligible to submit their work.

Current Deadline: October 1


Conditions: Your text has to be written for another artist and must be done after spending a considerable amount of time in their work space and/or outside of working environment.

Ideally, you should be writing about your artist friend(and/or nemesis?). Other than that there are no real directions. There is no word limit and it doesn't matter if your text is a poem, or a story, or a joke, or a theory, or a friendly mock-piece, or scattered notes, or anything else. This is a space for you to write to your friend - so, we expect you to treat it accordingly.

All selected submissions will be posted on Ar(n)t Write website and instagram page. A portion of selected submissions will be printed as part of the Ar(n)t Write Journal.

In addition to your text, we ask you to submit 1-5 photographs. The photographs should somehow be connected to the artist you are writing about - however, they should not be photographs of works. Instead think of submitting studio visit photographs, family snapshots, happy memories, etc.    


Photographs formatting: LastName_FirstName_Title_01(_PhotoCreditLastName_PhotoCreditFirstName)

Photo Credit is only required if the picture was not taken by you.

72dpi, no more than 1500px on a larger side, under 5mb (export at 80% quality for compression). 

Please submit the photographs to

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